Salmon and grits combine to make a hearty dip or spread for any occasion

Fish and Grits Spread

Pro tips for spreads and dips, and a recipe for a tasty Southern spread made from salmon and grits

Knuckle Salad baby

Welcome to everything, Mr. Baby

So that thing I mentioned was going to happen went ahead and happened, and now we have a little bit of a new roommate. He doesn’t do his share of the housework but we like him a lot. At this stage, he does sort of hinder normal cooking/crafting/blogging operations, but give us a little time and we’ll be right back …

Munch Madness 2014: The Finalists

Munch Madness 2014: The Final Round

Snack submitters! Bracket predictors! Taste-alongers! MUNCH MADNESS 2014 IS NOW DOWN TO JUST TWO FINALISTS! Entering this final round, competing head to head to become this year’s champion, I hereby introduce the remaining occupants of the 2014 Weird Snack Bracket: No. 2 Peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich (toasted) No. 5 Eggo waffle topped with fried egg, mashed avocado and Sriracha Obviously, …

Munch Madness 2014: The Final Four

You readers have quite an affinity for toasty sandwiches! Now, help decide which two weird combos are weird enough to make it one more round