Salmon and grits combine to make a hearty dip or spread for any occasion

Fish and Grits Spread

Pro tips for spreads and dips, and a recipe for a tasty Southern spread made from salmon and grits

Beautiful scones

Scones again, naturally

A couple of weeks ago, while I was singing and dancing about lemon curd, I may have glibly referenced the terribleness of scones in the United States. I stand by that. In my experience, scones are dense, dry and tasteless. I suspect that people only eat them because they think it makes them seem sophisticated and worldly, and maybe also …

Lemon curd and scones

Curd is the word

Silky-smooth, tart, and reminiscent of lemon candy, lemon curd is a sort of dessert condiment. (A dessert condiment that I totally eat for breakfast all the time.)

Salty Duritos

Long live duritos, whatever they are

This is yet another story about jumping into unfamiliar foods without a plan or any way of knowing what the hell I’m doing. Don’t worry, though! It has a happy ending. It started last weekend, when our friend Njicki came to visit. John and I, as Atlantans, are tired of the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coke—or maybe only …

Apple Nectarine Parfait

Summer Meets Fall: Apple-Nectarine Parfaits with Maple Yogurt

Five ingredients. That’s it. Well, seven if you count lemon juice and a spoonful of sugar, but stop being so pedantic. It’s basically five. It’s like a whole-food dessert, more or less: lightly sweetened apples and nectarines, Greek yogurt with maple syrup mixed in, and some cereal on top. All right, you’ve got me there: once I said “throw cereal …

Black Bean Hummus Shrimp Wraps

Hummus for dinner: Jalapeno Black Bean Hummus

Note: This post is part of Knuckle Salad’s Hummus All Day Long initiative. Man, if nine-year-old me could read this blog—or even 20-year-old me, if I’m totally honest—she would make such a face about the gratuitous use of beans in my recent recipes. And this one would really puzzle her. Why would Future Me ruin a perfectly great, starchy, shrimpy …

Butterbean hummus stuffed cherry tomatoes

Hummus for lunch: Garlic Butterbean Hummus

Note: This post is part of Knuckle Salad’s Hummus All Day Long initiative. I love weekend lunches. Especially when there’s garlic butterbean hummus involved, the healthy snacky veggie lunch you can easily throw together on a Saturday! Oh, and also, I stuffed it into cherry tomatoes. And made a nice spinach salad and some hard boiled eggs. You know. Just …

Hummus every meal!

Hummus All Day Long

Did you know I used to hate hummus? I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before. You see, I have, and always have had, a problem with chickpeas. My problem in a nutshell is that everything about them is terrible. However, my mom discovered earlier this year that Sabra makes a couple of really tasty, totally-not-remotely-terrible-or-chickpea-like varieties of chickpea hummus, …