Black Bean Hummus Shrimp Wraps

Hummus for dinner: Jalapeno Black Bean Hummus

Note: This post is part of Knuckle Salad’s Hummus All Day Long initiative. Man, if nine-year-old me could read this blog—or even 20-year-old me, if I’m totally honest—she would make such a face about the gratuitous use of beans in my recent recipes. And this one would really puzzle her. Why would Future Me ruin a perfectly great, starchy, shrimpy …

Beer & Bacon Mac & Cheese

Last Meal: Beer & Bacon Mac & Cheese

Why is this called “Last Meal?” Oh, because it’ll kill you. I mean, maybe. Probably. It’s got everything you love right in one bowl, and it’s going to love you right back. Hard. Dish up a plateful and you’ll see what I mean. It’s hard to say whether it’s the butter, the flour, the cream, the cheese, the beer, the …

Cookin’ Greek

Last weekend, I went to the Marietta Diner. Yes! The Marietta Diner! The one with the giant sandwiches, incredible pies, generous portions, and crazy-authentic Greek cooking! So guess what I ordered? Two fried eggs and a bowl of fruit. It was late, dude. I was not hungry. Naturally, I regretted my decision immediately, and felt even more remorseful in the …



I bet you’ve never heard of a burger quite like this before! It’s a bratwurst-and-pork burger with sauerkraut, topped with maple-dijon sauce, hot mustard, sweet pickle relish and more sauerkraut, all on a pretzel bun. See, didn’t I say you hadn’t heard of it? What’s that? You have? No way! From where? From me?! Oh. Yeah. That’s right. Well, I …

Beef and Barley Stew

Barley alive

Beef and Barley Stew, and the kind-of-crazy story of my first time cooking it.