Dec 08, 2016
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    DIY Chewellery: Jewelry You Can Chew

    Dye and string your own baby-safe teething necklaces using food-based homemade dye baths. ...

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    Falcons points! A shrink plastic text necklace tutorial

    Make a word necklace in under half an hour. Here's what I did to make these POINTS necklaces to wear...

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    Spooky skeleton necklace

    In under ten minutes, you can make this fun skeleton necklace for Halloween out of a little decorati...

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    Njicki’s Braided Scarf

    Make a chunky braided scarf, like the one I knitted for my friend Njicki. ...

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    Make fringe for your boots!

    I wanted fringe. I didn’t want to buy new boots. I already liked my boots, with or without fri...