Munch Madness Bracket Submission

Bracket submissions for 2015 prize eligibility have closed, but you are still welcome to fill out a bracket, download your graphic and follow along!

Ready to make your predictions for 2015’s Munch Madness copycat-off? Here are the 16 copycat recipes that will compete in four tournament-style rounds until just one remains. Mark your choices in each match-up below to submit your prediction and generate your personal bracket, which you can save and refer to throughout the competition. If your bracket turns out to be the most accurate prediction submitted, you can win a fabulous prize package! Bracket submissions are open through March 22nd, 2015. You may use this form to create and download your bracket after that, but your prediction will not be eligible for a prize if it’s submitted after the deadline.

Note: Make your selections one round at a time, and the next round’s choices will automatically appear in the appropriate dropdown.