Feb 01, 2015
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    Knitting Party Invitations

    Why yes, those are toothpicks! And no, I’m not out of my mind. Let’s begin at the beginn...

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    Potluck pedestals

    It takes like ten minutes to throw together these little pedestal dishes. Anyone can do it, and they...

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    Spooky skeleton necklace

    In under ten minutes, you can make this fun skeleton necklace for Halloween out of a little decorati...

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    DIY Dollhouse Jewelry

    Dollhouse accessories are tiny and irresistibly cute. Here's an easy way to make them into stylish j...

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    Señor Bunzalez, the DIY Pacifier Bunny

    Tired of holding/replacing a pacifier for your little friend? Sew him up a bunny-shaped handle, with...