Knuckle Salad's Biscoff-flavored vodka cocktail

Vodka Speculoos: The Cocktail that Tastes Like Biscoff

First there were Biscoff cookies. Well, no, first there were airplaines, then airlines, then Delta, then Biscoff cookies. For a long time, that was all. Then there was Biscoff spread, which was like Biscoff cookies, but blended into a smooth (also-available-in-crunchy) paste that you could enjoy with other things. Like an apple, or a carrot, or a spoon. The cookies were …

Super-Soldier Serum

For Independence Day this year, we’re having punch. Very red, very American punch that tastes like ambrosia—cherry, marshmallow, and coconut—with sweet little white stars.

The Perfect Classless Cream

The Classless Cream

The holidays are on the horizon (they must be; craft stores have been crawling with Christmas trees for months), and that means we need drinks made of ice cream and booze! We need them because they’re simultaneously cold and warming; we need them because there’s an eggnog-shaped void in the lives of those of us unfortunate enough to have noticed …

Quantum Leap shots: Starbright Project

Oh, boy! A Quantum Leap-inspired shot and the ThinkGeek winners

Yeah, I made up a drink about Quantum Leap. I dunno. It sounded like a good idea. It tastes like a good idea, too, so I’m giving it to me. It’s sweet, quite sweet indeed, and easy to drink, with layers of banana, chocolate-orange, and almond cordial. The colors are inspired by the handlink used on the show by Al …

Portal Jigglers

Portal jello shots: You’ll know when the test starts

Congratulations! The simple fact that you’re sitting here reading this means you’re about to make a glorious, boozy contribution to science. You’re not part of the control group, by the way. You get the jello! I don’t play a lot of video games these days, but I love Portal, and most recently, Portal 2. They’re fantastic. Remember that time GLaDOS …

The Tootsie Roll Pop Rock Martini

The Tootsie Pop Rock Martini

What would you say if I told you I’d invented a drink that tastes like a Tootsie Pop, confuses your mouth like Pop Rocks and gets you very, very drunk? Well, it is possible, I’m not crazy, and it doesn’t require four low payments of $19.99 each! In fact, the recipe is at the end of this post. For free. …