Homemade salad dressing

Doesn’t matter, had salad

Our neighbors must lead busy lives, because every time I stand at our kitchen window and stare at their house—which is, yes, fairly common, but no, there’s no good reason, their house just takes up most of the view—I see someone come or go. I find it exciting, like I’ve just seen a falling star, even though I just told you …

Lemon curd and scones

Curd is the word

Silky-smooth, tart, and reminiscent of lemon candy, lemon curd is a sort of dessert condiment. (A dessert condiment that I totally eat for breakfast all the time.)

The Apex of My Laziness: Easy Garlic Chili Oil

When I make vegetables, I keep it simple: a drizzle of olive oil, minced garlic, sea salt, black pepper. That is all I want. That is all I will have. It’s fast. It’s tasty. It’s perfect for lazy people like me. But you mustn’t underestimate how truly lazy I am. If there were a way I could get that process …


You think you’ve had butter before, but trust me…