KAPOW Your Backyard

Kapow Your Backyard: Mr. Freeze is Icy Hot

This is the second in a series of guest posts by Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows, entitled KAPOW Your Backyard. Hop on board as Miellyn embarks on various outdoor-living projects (and recipes) inspired by some of her favorite comic book characters. —Ed. [divider] It’s spring and you’re ready to go outside again, but your outdoor space, like mine, has probably become a bit neglected and …

Chocolate-covered mocha cappuccino wafer sandwiches

Make Way for Wafers

I like wafers. I like Kit-Kats and Keebler Fudge Sticks and even the little boring generic ones that just have one layer of vanilla cream in between. I like wafers that are covered in chocolate, like the Mocha Cappuccino wafers above, just as I like wafers au naturale, like the Lemon Cream Cheese wafers below. I pretty much like wafers …

Beautiful scones

Scones again, naturally

A couple of weeks ago, while I was singing and dancing about lemon curd, I may have glibly referenced the terribleness of scones in the United States. I stand by that. In my experience, scones are dense, dry and tasteless. I suspect that people only eat them because they think it makes them seem sophisticated and worldly, and maybe also …

Lemon curd and scones

Curd is the word

Silky-smooth, tart, and reminiscent of lemon candy, lemon curd is a sort of dessert condiment. (A dessert condiment that I totally eat for breakfast all the time.)

Flux Capacitor Rice

Flux Capacitor Rice

If Flux Capacitor Rice were served to you anonymously—”anonymous” here meaning that the name of the dish, and not the identity of the person serving it, is unknown to you, because if you don’t know who’s serving you something then you probably shouldn’t eat it—I doubt you’d notice any similarities at all to Back to the Future. You see, unlike …

Cookin’ Greek

Last weekend, I went to the Marietta Diner. Yes! The Marietta Diner! The one with the giant sandwiches, incredible pies, generous portions, and crazy-authentic Greek cooking! So guess what I ordered? Two fried eggs and a bowl of fruit. It was late, dude. I was not hungry. Naturally, I regretted my decision immediately, and felt even more remorseful in the …