Pretty cookies on pretty Christmas pedestals you can make for pennies.

Potluck pedestals

It takes like ten minutes to throw together these little pedestal dishes. Anyone can do it, and they cost next to nothing. Find out how!

Chicken stock in liquid and solid form

Stock talk

Picture it. You’ve just enjoyed a spectacular roast chicken dinner. You sit back, your eyes glassy with contentment, and gaze at the derelict carcass before you. Soon, you’ll heave yourself up from the table and scrape the platter into the trash with the satisfaction of a chicken well enjoyed. “There’s certainly nothing else I can make out of┬áthis,” you think. …

Customize your boots with fringe!

Make fringe for your boots!

I wanted fringe. I didn’t want to buy new boots. I already liked my boots, with or without fringe. They were red and comfy and I got them at an estate sale for $15. A new pair of boots with fringe would run me a lot more than that, and I wasn’t willing to spend that money when I already …