Pretty cookies on pretty Christmas pedestals you can make for pennies.

Potluck pedestals

It takes like ten minutes to throw together these little pedestal dishes. Anyone can do it, and they cost next to nothing. Find out how!

Spider? I hardly know her

I don’t usually decorate for Halloween. I love Halloween, and I love holiday decorating, but Halloween decorating doesn’t really suit my style. When I decorate for a season, it’s to invite more beauty and sparkle into my home, not so I can pee my pants every time I walk into the living room and see a scarecrow standing there pretending …

Tiny Easter hats

Easter? Don’t worry, I’ll bring the hats

I was very excited to see John when he woke up this morning. “Good morning! Guess what!” I shouted. “What?” he muttered, groggy but intrigued. “You know how I wasn’t sure what to take over to Jenny’s for Easter dinner, because Zack and Jen are bringing wine, and my mom is in charge of dessert? Well! I figured out something …

Super-simple ribbon bookmark

There’s something about a big, heavy hardcover book that feels very… for real. I like them a lot. And I like them best without a dust jacket, even though I know how important a dust jacket is if you want your nice books to stay nice. It’s just that they detract from the old-timey credibility of a big, heavy book. …