Hummus every meal!

Hummus All Day Long

Did you know I used to hate hummus? I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before. You see, I have, and always have had, a problem with chickpeas. My problem in a nutshell is that everything about them is terrible. However, my mom discovered earlier this year that Sabra makes a couple of really tasty, totally-not-remotely-terrible-or-chickpea-like varieties of chickpea hummus, …

Beans + Cornbread

Speckled Butterbeans and Cornbread: They Go Hand in Hand

Speckled butterbeans aren’t very pretty, but they’re packed with fiber and protein, and they taste good if you cook them with the right stuff. Cornbread is beautiful, but nothing about it is particularly nutritious. It tastes amazing all the time no matter what. The combination of speckled jalapeno butterbeans baked under a thick crust of sweet fluffy cornbread, served on …

Berry oat crumble

Berry oat crumble

[recipephoto][/recipephoto] I’m moving this week! In honor of the occasion, and because I’m so far behind on preparations for the move that I am once again short on time, here’s the recipe for the fantastic berry oat crumble I made last week when I was supposed to be packing. (What? We didn’t want our moving truck to be all full …

Baked Eggs

Baked Eggs in a Toast Basket

We’re moving! We’ll talk about the baked eggs in a minute. Hold your horses. I have news. We’ve just signed for our first ITP apartment and we move in at the end of the month. In Atlanta, ITP stands for “inside the perimeter,” the perimeter being represented by the border that the I-285 bypass creates. It’s how Atlantans determine whether …

Beef and Barley Stew

Barley alive

Beef and Barley Stew, and the kind-of-crazy story of my first time cooking it.

Golden baked potato chips

I have kind of a thing about sounds. I find them distracting. I can’t work when the office phone is ringing, or write while someone’s drumming on the table, or sleep if the TV is too loud in another room. Of course, it’s probably pretty normal to be annoyed by annoying noises. At most, I’ll admit to the possibility that …

Little Pizzas, Medium Pizzazz

Somewhere between the mouthwatering, passion-igniting pizzas of the mythical 1960s and the quick-cooking particle board cheese squares of my youth lies this super-convenient, tasty-as-you-want-it-to-be pizza snack