Stuffed garlic monkey bread

Savory. Like a monkey.

Why is monkey bread always sweet? Here’s an ingenious recipe for savory, garlicky cheese-stuffed monkey bread.

It’s like an English muffin-muffin-bagel

Sometime last week, a recipe for English muffin bread was circulating among people I know. It sounded yummy and easy and fun. This morning, my friend Njicki made it. She said it was great. I didn’t get to have any (she rarely shares her bread with me now that she has moved away to Cincinnati) and I got jealous so …

Beans + Cornbread

Speckled Butterbeans and Cornbread: They Go Hand in Hand

Speckled butterbeans aren’t very pretty, but they’re packed with fiber and protein, and they taste good if you cook them with the right stuff. Cornbread is beautiful, but nothing about it is particularly nutritious. It tastes amazing all the time no matter what. The combination of speckled jalapeno butterbeans baked under a thick crust of sweet fluffy cornbread, served on …