Butternut Squash Stuffing

Last Thanksgiving, I got put in charge of stuffing, and I was like, heck yeah! Stuffing rules! Easy! And I brainstormed about what would make the best stuffing, and I thought squash might be good with sourdough bread. And bacon would make it just perfect. I could throw something like that together! Should be no problem! But I guess the little elves …

Knuckle Salad's Biscoff-flavored vodka cocktail

Vodka Speculoos: The Cocktail that Tastes Like Biscoff

First there were Biscoff cookies. Well, no, first there were airplaines, then airlines, then Delta, then Biscoff cookies. For a long time, that was all. Then there was Biscoff spread, which was like Biscoff cookies, but blended into a smooth (also-available-in-crunchy) paste that you could enjoy with other things. Like an apple, or a carrot, or a spoon. The cookies were …

Stuffed garlic monkey bread

Savory. Like a monkey.

Why is monkey bread always sweet? Here’s an ingenious recipe for savory, garlicky cheese-stuffed monkey bread.

Grilled Mac ‘n Cheese

Made in a single pan, outside, without the mess of boiling and draining water, and perfect for a laid-back afternoon on the patio with friends.

Homemade salad dressing

Doesn’t matter, had salad

Our neighbors must lead busy lives, because every time I stand at our kitchen window and stare at their house—which is, yes, fairly common, but no, there’s no good reason, their house just takes up most of the view—I see someone come or go. I find it exciting, like I’ve just seen a falling star, even though I just told you …

Jason Mallory's eggs in a basket

¡Che Huevos!

Scene Missing’s Jason Mallory teaches us how to make delicious eggs in baskets. Featuring Natalie Portman, Daddy Warbucks, and the Wu-Tang Clan.