To the Nines: On a Stick

Apropos of nothing, here are nine things I would eat on a stick, given the opportunity. But also corndogs. Never forget corndogs. Pancakes Pizza Salad Biscuits (with or without cinnamon sugar) Sandwiches S’mores Cheeseburgers Hot chocolate Sugar-coated cucumbers (and other frozen fruits ‘n veggies)

To the Nines: Christmastime 2012

  With just a few weeks to go before we achieve critical holiday mass, I’ve rounded up my nine current favorites in each of the essential Christmastime categories: How to decorate, what to eat, and what the hell to give everybody. Find something inspiring to make your own season super merry and bright! Decorate          These lovely fabric and book …

Jack-o-lantern peppers from Spabettie

To the Nines: Halloween roundup 2012

Leaping lasers, you guys, it’s October. What?! I’m pretty sure it was mid-March when I went to bed last night. Do you feel it? That old come-on-I-JUST-put-my-winter-clothes-into-storage-like-YESTERDAY feeling? It’s too rainy around here to feel the crisp bite of autumn yet, but the calendar (and by calendar I mean the tool-tip that appears when I hover over the clock on my desktop) says …