Munch Madness 2014: The Finalists

Munch Madness 2014: The Final Round

Snack submitters! Bracket predictors! Taste-alongers! MUNCH MADNESS 2014 IS NOW DOWN TO JUST TWO FINALISTS! Entering this final round, competing head to head to become this year’s champion, I hereby introduce the remaining occupants of the 2014 Weird Snack Bracket: No. 2 Peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich (toasted) No. 5 Eggo waffle topped with fried egg, mashed avocado and Sriracha Obviously, …

Munch Madness 2014: The Final Four

You readers have quite an affinity for toasty sandwiches! Now, help decide which two weird combos are weird enough to make it one more round

Munch Madness: Peanut Butter, Bacon & Banana vs. Peanut Butter Fried Egg Sandwich

Munch Madness 2014: Round 1, Match 7: Peanut Butter, Banana & Bacon vs. Peanut Butter Fried Egg Sandwich

[Please join Knuckle Salad in inviting guest judge Myke Johns, consigliere to Write Club Atlanta, a competitive philanthropic literary bloodsport. Today, he will sample and evaluate your No. 2 and No. 15 seeds, the Peanut Butter, Banana & Bacon Sandwich on Toast and the Peanut Butter Fried Egg Sandwich, respectively.) When Kristina approached me about judging Munch Madness and I said yeah …

Munch Madness 2014 Official Bracket

Munch Madness 2014: The bracket, the prizes, and the judges

You’ve waited long enough for Munch Madness to kick into gear! Now it’s time to reveal which 16 weird food combinations will be on this year’s bracket, who the judges are that will determine which of those 16 move on to the next round, and what you’re gonna win if (a) you submit the highest-scoring Munch Madness prediction bracket or (b) you’ve contributed …