Knuckle Salad’s first giveaway, sponsored by ThinkGeek

I was thinking, everybody. I was thinking about you. Not in a weird way or anything. It’s just that you’ve been such an excellent audience so far. Isn’t it time I got you something in return?

What do you like? I wondered. You like eating and drinking, probably. Yeah, pretty sure. And you seem to like dorky-type nerd things (such as me and my goofy-ass tales of failure and geekery… oh, and those sci-fi and video game boozes). You’re also flipping brilliant and you have excellent taste in borderline-kitsch awesomeness. I know that from reading your comments and watching you on Pinterest. I mean, uh, some of you. I mean… I mean, I haven’t been watching you—that came out wrong—but I, you know, I… I see you around.

So I picked you out some stuff.

Knuckle Salad's ThinkGeek barware and book giveaway

I mentioned to ThinkGeek, casually over brunch (probably), that I was thinking about doing a giveaway and that I was inspired by their catalog because their inventory pretty perfectly serves the audience I imagine Knuckle Salad has. (I say “imagine” because there’s no analytics gauge for how awesomely geeky or into rad stuff you guys are, but I get the sense.)

Then ThinkGeek offered to provide a prize of my choice, and I said, hooray! I told them I would like to give you either the amazing chem-set barware or the neato book about sciencing up food. And ThinkGeek said: HAVE BOTH!

So now we, as a community, HAVE BOTH! But like the class hermit crab, these things can be in only one place at a time, so someone has to be in charge of taking them home and caring for them. And by following the instructions I’ve made up below, you can win the chance to be the caretaker of one of these prizes! Except instead of just having it for the weekend and watching it totally not even eat the lettuce you gave it so what is the point of even having this thing, you get to keep it and it doesn’t poop.

Knuckle Salad's ThinkGeek contest prizes

The two prizes up for grabs are a Chemistry Cocktail Set and a copy of The Hungry Scientist Handbook.

You’ll be entered into two random drawings. The person chosen in the first drawing will receive their first choice of prize; the person chosen in the second drawing will receive the remaining item, as long as it’s either their first or second choice. Both of these items are incredibly awesome (I may or may not have flipped through the entire Hungry Scientist Handbook while preparing this contest, but if I did, I was very careful not to let it show on the cover or spine), though the cash value of the barware is higher.

To enter, you must do at least one of the following:

  1. Leave a comment on this post (be sure to provide a correct email address when prompted—don’t worry, it won’t be published) telling me:
    • Which item is your first choice
    • Which item is your second choice (with the option of “No second choice,” if for some reason you are not interested in the other item)
    • Hello or equivalent
  2. Visit Knuckle Salad’s Facebook page and fill out the entry form on the “Enter Giveaway” tab.

If you do both of the above steps, you’ll get two entries into the contest, which doubles the odds that you’ll win!

And if you really want to win, you can also receive one extra entry for each of the following:

  • Tweet about this contest, with a link to this page and a shout to @knuckle_salad, then leave a second comment here letting me know what Twitter handle you tweeted it from (this lets me know which prize selection post came from you).
  • Follow @knuckle_salad on Twitter, then leave yet another comment telling me your Twitter handle and the following status so I can cross-reference, blah blah blah. If you’re already a follower, that still counts as long as you post the comment.

This contest will close on Sunday, October 2nd, at 6 p.m. EST. The winner will be drawn and announced the following day, Monday, October 3rd, 2011. Due to overseas freight costs, this contest is open only to those residing in the continental U.S. (unless you don’t mind paying your own shipping).

TL;DR: Maximum number of entries is four: post a comment with your prize preference, fill a form out on Facebook, tweet-n-comment, and/or follow-n-comment. Two winners, and first place gets his or her first choice of prize.

Good luck!

This contest has now ended. Winners will be announced Monday. Thank you for participating, and be sure to enter the next one!

Kristina Ackerman

Kristina Ackerman is a busy freelance web designer, living and DIYing with her fella and their little fella in a cute old house in Atlanta, GA, USA.

  • These are awesome prizes and so suitable as giveaways for a contest on your site!
    The cocktail set is my first choice, the handbook my second.

  • While both items seem very fun and fab, I’d probably pick the book…just because I’m not much of a drink mixer and think someone who is would enjoy the bar set more.

    Hi, hello, bonjour.

  • It’s not clear whether you wanted separate comments for each entry.  However, on Twitter I am both following you AND tweeted a link to the contest.  My username over there is @rossruns – hopefully this one comment counts for the 2 entries! (If not, let me know and I can split into two separate comments.)

    • Anonymous

      Hi, Ross! Just to be on the safe side, better post another comment! (It seems crazy, but I would HATE for your additional entry to have even a shadow of a chance of getting overlooked. Better safe than sorry.)

  • Missirey

    I want to win these kickass prizes!

    • Anonymous

      Heck yeah! Do you have any preference as to which you’d prefer?

  • keggers5000

    Heyo! I’m interested in the bar set (1st choice) and the book (2ndst choice). Cool stuff. Thanks for hosting the contest.

  • Liz Remus

    The book is my first choice. The cocktail set is my second choice. I am a huge fan of Thinkgeek as well as Knuckle Salad so good choice!

  • Mario Urena

    Book is first choice!  I’ll leave the bar set and my second choice to some other lucky geek.  Equivalent!

  • Paulheath

    I’m Paul!  I want that bar set because I love science and I love drinking!

  • Anonymous

    Hi. I’m a chemist so this would be so cool to have. I would love the barware as my first choice and the book for the second. 

  • JL Smither

    Yay and awesomeness!  I think you have correctly gauged the geekiness of your audience (and how much we like to drink)!  I would love to be entered for the bar set as first choice.  and, because I would feel really bad if the book were left all by itself, I’d like that as my second choice.  :) Logging into facebook and twitter now…

  • JL Smither

    I am already following KS on Twitter, it turns out :)

  • JL Smither

    And now I’ve tweeted you up, too.  Or, er, not in a creepy way. 

  • CBern

    Yea! I’m so excited : ) I would like to have The Hungry Scientist Handbook as my 1st choice and the Chem Cocktail Set as my second.  ( :  facebook here I come…..

    • CBern

      Hi. I almost forgot! You ROCK! I LOVE your stuff! And, uh, not in a creepy way…… Thanks for thinking of the awesome geek in all of us.

  • Jennifer McLaughlin

    Hello…hope I win! Both prizes are awesome!!

    First Choice – The Hungry Scientist HandbookSecond Choice – Chemistry Cocktail Set

  • Jennifer McLaughlin

    Also, tweeted from @ceejls:twitter 

  • Ewey

    Book first, bar set second, and a batch of pepper pasta.

  • Nathan Archer

    Hi Kristina! Both prizes are great… I love ThinkGeek! The book would be my first choice though, bar second. Congrats on your first giveaway!

  • Janette

    I’d sooner have the book over the bar set, bar set definitely second choice though!

  • Aaron

    Definitely have to say the book first, cocktail set second.

    Oh and, Hello & Bonjour~  :D

  • jess

    Heylo Knuckle_Salad! I think you most accurately hit your audience on the head! Nail on the head? There’s a term in there somewhere…just like the majority I would love to win the book! And almost equally, yet just a smidge less would love to win the bar set!

    Thanks for thinking of us! And for always posting such delicious, well-photographed culinary treats! <3

  • Zakiue

    Hiya! I’d like the book first and the bar set second. :)

  • Tom Nix

    I am totally down for prizes that are outside of my normal realm of nerdery. My first choice is the book and my second choice is the book. There is only one choice. And it is the book. But let’s break this down — even if I don’t drink and would never ACTUALLY use it, it would be pretty hip to have a chemistry set hanging out in my kitchen. So, the cocktail set would be welcome as well. Also of note: I have no idea what hip is.

  • Tom Nix

    I entered your contest again. By tweeting about the contest. You can find its salaciousness by looking up @TheTomNix on twitter.

  • Tom Nix

    Obligatory third comment entry telling you I already follow you from @TheTomNix. The book, Kristina. The book.

  • Tadd

    Hi Kristina!

    I think I would prefer the book first and the bar set second.

  • Djlovesart

    This is great, Kristina.  I’d like to read the book while sipping a martini!

  • Congratulations on your first giveaway! I like the barware best! BTW, I blogged about your giveaway at *if you want to check it out*

  • I like the book as my second choice forgot to mention that in my other comment. @heinzmom following you on twitter!

  • That’s AWESOME! I’m pretty sure you gauged Knuckle Salad’s reading audience correctly! My first choice would be the book. I already follow you on twitter (as @brytning). 

  • Megan

     what kind of dressing goes best on a knuckle salad?  I’d love that book!

  • Ross Rankin

    I’m a follower, @w0lver and here’s my comment…  I’d love either but I think I’d go for the Cocktail set first.  Thanks!

  • Crystal Nebula

     I don’t Twit, but I’ll definitely support this!  I would love the book as inspiration for the Mad Scientist Party I want to host(as attended by real life scientists!), but of course the cocktail set is a fantastic second choice!

  • Guest

    The Cocktail Chemistry Set is my first choice, but my second choice is the Hungry Scientist.  Just wanted to say hello and that I love your blog.

  • jessie

    I found your blog by googling pan galactic gargle blaster recipes, and have loved it since. My first choice is the bar set but I’d love the book too.

  • Melissa

    Oh hi!

    This is Melissa, Jen and Zack’s friend!
    I look at this site now and then, and I’m always glad to be reminded that it’s here… I love your recipes!

    • Melissa

      Shoot. I forgot to say!

      We just got a new place, and that bar set would go wonderfully with our wine cabinet. :)Of course, the book would make a lovely second choice, as we now have a kitchen large enough to fit both of us at the same time!

  • I’m loving your site more every time I look at it!! Enter me to win some awesome geeky things, plz. :D


  • Helen

    Or maybe I should use my email address instead of FB? Need geeky things :)

  • Hey Kristina, Jenny has been telling me for quite some time about this fabulous blog you have going and how successful it is. Congrats and I’m so thrilled to finally visit your site (especially with this giveaway)!

    So, here is my comment saying how awesome and great your blog looks (as a 1st timer). And, letting you know that I would love to win the Chemistry Cocktail  Set as my 1st choice – because I love to entertain my friends with personal cocktail concoctions. And, I would also love to win The Hungry Scientist Handbook as my 2nd choice – because my new boyfriend is a FABULOUS cook (with a big interest in science as a former bio major and now doc). This would be such a great gift for him.

    Anyhow, I’m so glad I’ve checked out your blog and will be sure to follow the other entry requirements for this great giveaway. 

    Congrats again Kristina!
    – Katie

  • Hey Kristina, I just tweeted from @ktmason:twitter to my 152 followers about your giveaway and am now following you on Twitter too! :)

    Hope I win!

    – Katie

  • kristen!

    Choice #1 = Bar set!
    Choice #2 = badass science book
    I love your blog and was excited to see a giveaway! You’re such a rad artist!

    BONUS- if I win, i’ll save you shipping and just come pick it up! I live in grant park!

  • Stormey664

    Howdy!!! I am actually in the market for a cocktail set, and I hate paying for things… So this is really quite perfect for me! Second choice would be the book, so that when I break down and PURCHASE a cocktail set I can learn to cook FOOD and be a world class entertainer. Huzzah!

    So… That’s it… Thanks… -Stormey

  • Stormey664

    Howdy!!! I am actually in the market for a cocktail set, and I hate paying for things… So this is really quite perfect for me! Second choice would be the book, so that when I break down and PURCHASE a cocktail set I can learn to cook FOOD and be a world class entertainer. Huzzah!

    So… That’s it… Thanks… -Stormey

  • Hello! Thanks for a great comp. The first choice is the fantastic chemistry cocktail set. I need to start using my top shelf tequila! Second choice is the book, very interesting. I’m pretty sure I follow you on Twitter and your blog…

    Lizzy (Good Things) 

  • Super cool!
    First choice: Book
    Second choice: Chemistry Cocktail kit
    :D scienceftw

  • Cup a Dee Cakes

    Hey Kristina!  First choice is the bar set, 2nd choice is the awesome book! Twitter ID is @cupadee

  • Cup a Dee Cakes

    Also, I have been a Twitter follower for a while, since FBF ATL! Handle = @cupadee:twitter

  • Anonymous

    Hiya! Recently started following you on Twitter. I’m @darkmagess. First choice would be the Bar chem set. Just retweeted the contest. Heading over to FB…

  • I really want that chemistry cocktail set! I’m drinking a sonic screwdriver and hand to omit the ice because I didn’t have a shaker!

    I’d also take the cookbook.

    Hello, I like your site!

    (Since my discus is connected to my site, just contact me through the email button on my site if/when I win)

  • Tyler Selee

    I would have to say that the cookbook is my first choice. Heck of a cool idea. 
    But that bar set is a close second. 

    Hey there! And thanks for adding me on Twitter! (You’re awesome)

  • Your blog is way cool. I’ve been making Sonic Screwdrivers on my own all year, but I didn’t think of using Ginger Ale for 10. I can’t wait to try the Gargle Blaster, either. Thanks for the follow. =]

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