Munch Madness 2013

Munch Madness 2013: Leaving it on the Field

The competition at a glance:


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Donna Currie

Party Streamer Potato Pancakes with Confetti Yogurt

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Twitter: @dbcurrie

Hometown: Longmont (Boulder) Colorado

Experience: Columnist at Serious Eats, food writer for Boulder Daily Camera

Donna's potato pancakes

Now that winter is (mostly, sort of) behind us, it’s time to shake off the winter coat, winter colors, and winter cuisine, and spring into … well, spring.


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Denise Woodward

Potato Gnocchi with Minty Pea Sauce

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Twitter: @chezus

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Inspiration: A family background in cooking, now feeding a hungry husband

Making the gnocchi just takes patience.  It may take you a couple times before getting it just right.  Don’t give up, keep trying, it will be worth it.


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Heather Scholten

Warm Potato & Acorn Squash Salad

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Twitter: @farmgirlgourmet

Hometown: Spokane County, WA

Claim to Fame: Cooks in a 100-year-old farmhouse kitchen

Heather's Warm Potato and Acorn Squash salad

As soon as spring weather hits, I am all about warm potato salads using my barbecue wok, but since it’s still pretty cold out, I roasted the veggies in the oven instead.


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Brandy Clabaugh

Tri-Color Potato Hash with Kale & Pancetta

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Twitter: @nutmegnanny

Hometown: Hudson Valley, NY

Claim to Fame: Freelance food writer, recipe developer and nanny

I’m not sure if I actually get a crown but it would be awesome if I did. I do love a good crown!


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Chris Arpante

Baked Tater Tots

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Twitter: @mele_cotte

Hometown: Georgia, USA

Alterego: Mild-mannered School Administrator

Many of us fondly remember tater tots as the school lunch nibbles that paired perfectly with the square pizza the Lunch Lady served.


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Heather Disarro

Ranch Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Buffalo Yogurt Dipping Sauce

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Twitter: @heathersdish

Hometown: Little Rock, AK

Passions: God, family, friends, puppies, margaritas, chips & salsa, bread & butter, Texas and working out

Heather's Ranch Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Buffalo Yogurt Dipping Sauce

Fingerling potatoes are pretty much fry-sized already, which means that the whole washing and cutting thing is minimized and thick-cut delicious steak fries are obtainable in the shortest amount of time ever.


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Milissa Armstrong

Munch Madness: Salt Crusted Mini Medley Potato Bites with Skinny Come Back Sauce

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Twitter: @missnthekitchen

Hometown: Wyoming, USA

Claim to Fame: Lives and cooks on a cattle ranch

Milisa's Salt Crusted Potato Bites

Once I made meatloaf without mashed potatoes and according to my family, it was an epic mistake.


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Kate Donahue

Rainbow Roasted Potato Salad

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Twitter: @kdbabbles

Hometown: New Jersey

Alterego: Paramedic

Kate's Rainbow Roasted Potato Salad

Instead of the routine, run of the mill potato salad we see at each and every family barbecue or picnic, how about changing it up a bit? Salad with potatoes.


Today is the last day to submit your bracket for Munch Madness.

Why have a deadline: First-round voting ends today. Tomorrow the first round winner will be announced. Then it will be too late to make a prediction because that would be super unfair.

Why bother: For each round that your bracket scores highest (i.e. your predictions turn out to be the most accurate), you will win $50. That’s up to $50 more per round than if you don’t submit a bracket, so if you let the deadline pass, you’re basically losing money.

Why, how exciting: It takes less than a minute. All you have to do is select match winners from five dropdowns, fill in your address (in case you win) and hit submit. Then the accuracy of your prediction is determined by a vote in which you can participate. So you actually have the power to swing the results to match your own bracket and help you win, by voting and encouraging others to vote. It’s almost like you get to decide to win.

Kristina Ackerman

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