Munch Madness 2013

Munch Madness 2013: The Final Four

We knew the time would come when we’d have to bid a salty farewell to some of our contenders, though it is tough to see them go. Donna’s Party Streamer Pancakes came in like a hot potato in Round One, knocking the steam out of Denise’s tasty Gnocchi with Mint Pea Sauce, while Heather Scholten’s Warm Potato and Acorn Squash Salad took a whipping from Kate’s Rainbow Potato Salad in a neatly fought match. We saw Brandy’s Tri-Color Hash butter up the spectators for a win against Chris’s Baked Tater Tots, in what will be called an upset by many pro-tot bracket submitters. And in the fourth match against Heather Disarro’s Ranch-Roasted Fingerlings, Milissa’s Salt-Crusted Mini Potato Bites emerged as the tater deflater.

Now that your votes have knocked out half the competition in Round One, voting is on for Round Two! Did your favorite recipe advance? Is your bracket still looking sexy? Look over the current standings, then vote to determine which two tasty finalists will advance to the title round!

The Final Four

Donna's potato pancakes
Donna’s Party Streamer Pancakes
with Confetti Yogurt
Kate's Rainbow Roasted Potato Salad
Kate’s Rainbow Roasted Potato Salad

Brandy’s Tri-Color Potato Hash
with Kale & Pancetta
Milisa's Salt Crusted Potato Bites
Milissa’s Salt Crusted Mini Medley Potato Bites with Skinny Come Back Sauce

Which two recipes will advance to the next round? Your vote decides!


Round One Bracket Winners

A whopping 14 of you tied for highest-scoring bracket in the first round! No one managed to grab maximum points, but here are the smart potatoes who got three out of four:

  1. Valerie Harrison
  2. Judy Wessel
  3. Marge Donahue
  4. Jenn Tidwell
  5. Mary Beth Hunt
  6. Jess Lorenzi
  7. Donna Currie*
  8. Nicole Smeltzer
  9. Michael Shtino
  10. Casey Shtino
  11. jeannine scavo
  12. Rich Aviles
  13. Jennifer Smither
  14. Meghan Finley

By order of’s random number generator, the winner of our first $50 prize is #5, Mary Beth Hunt! Congratulations, Mary Beth!

If you are not one of the 14 leaders on this list, don’t despair. Correct predictions in the second and third rounds are worth more points, so you still have a chance at outscoring your competition and grabbing one of our other $50 prizes. Just make sure you keep voting so your faves stay in the competition!


*Because Donna is a competitor in Munch Madness 2013, she is of course ineligible for the prize drawing, but she has earned Round One bragging rights for her bracket fair and square. Please refer to the Munch Madness 2013 Rules for complete terms and conditions.

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