A week of little diversions

You know how, when you’re busy, time seems to pass by really quickly? I mean, obviously it doesn’t, because for that to be true, time would have to be linear, and we all know it isn’t, even if most of us have a better chance of understanding the comics of Stik than the actual shape of time or whether time is a shape at all.

But it feels pretty linear, and it feels pretty fast. Lately, I’ve been struggling to recall the order in which things have happened (supposing things had happened in an order and not all at once in a wobbly nonlinear…wibble). Fascinating stories of my adventures tend to sputter and stall, like, “I ran out of printer ink probably… two weekends ago? Three? It was the Friday after John got back from San Diego, I think, and—no, it had to be a Saturday, because I remember needing to leave early and somebody was getting sandwiches… wait, that’s wrong.” Even I stop listening to myself.

When I can’t remember anything, I miss out on telling you about potentially-interesting things. Worst still, you miss out on the not-particularly-interesting things that happen in between. Like today, I looked a dumpster. No, seriously. A dumpster.

So as you can see, I’ve renewed my effort to document life and lunch, this time with Instagram. About 80% of my Instagram photos focus on what I’m eating or what I’m making, craft-wise, as I travel about town, and it’s fun to look back on my growing collection. Trouble is, I’m lazy about typing on my phone—so lazy that I prefer to use the voice-recognition app to send texts, despite the fact that it only sometimes understands punctuation, resulting in texts like, “On my way period there was a line at the post office period don’t start without me exclamation point smiley”—so my Instagram captions are glib at best. Here are the things I couldn’t be bothered to write about last week’s photos.

  1. Jenny bought an old $25,000 Pyramid game at a garage sale for 75 cents. It was surprisingly fun until we got to outdated topical categories, like “Recent Academy Award Winners.” At least most of the actors were still famous, but instead of effortlessly citing each actor’s recent award-winning films, the clues were like, “Um, I think…yeah, she was in The Devil Wears Prada, right?”
  2. Our new friend Swati (not pictured), who recently moved to Atlanta from India, joined June, Kaz and me at Cupz & Cakes in Buckhead for our weekly cup-of-coffee-and-time-to-make-stuff. Because I am consumed with festival-related optimism, I spent the time preparing pieces for the Inman Park Festival. Afterwards, Swati got her first look at the Beehive and was smitten, because the Beehive is super cool. I felt inexplicably proud of myself for showing it to her.
  3. It’s hard to beat a beautiful spring afternoon at Red Brick Brewing, even if the prices have nearly doubled since our last visit. The niceness of the weather has probably doubled, too, because we spent an amazing Saturday on their patio. Can you multiply weather like that? If so, is it legal to charge extra for it?
  4. This craft project was a lousy failure. I thought it would be easy to selectively polish old pewter. It isn’t. I’ll try again, though. I don’t want anybody saying I gave in to a stupid teapot. If I find out you’ve been saying it, I will start a teapot-based rumor about you in return.
  5. We stopped by for a few minutes to see guitarist Lance Price. He plays every other Thursday night at Suburban Tap in Marietta. He is very good and this chalkboard knows it. Somebody, then LANCE! Whoever, and then LANCE!
  6. My mom and I took our first shopping trip down to Sweet Auburn Curb Market. We had our choice of farm stands and butchers’ counters. I chose almost all of them. Then I took a picture of my haul, as proud as if I had hunted or otherwise valiantly defeated these ears of corn, because I got all these fresh local goods for less than $20! Achievement unlocked!
  7. I had two dinner dates with John in one week. We never do that. On the 11-year anniversary (if time were linear) of the day we met, we went out for pizza. On another random day, we had lovely sushi. We are so fancy. I’m going to start carrying opera glasses.

I shall continue to take photos this week as I prepare a new post in a day or two with proper pretty pictures. No MEAT COOK BOOK this week. I have a MEAT COOK BOOK recipe in my back pocket that’s going to knock your socks/gag reflex off, but I’m going to save it for later, because first, you deserve some pretty pictures. See you then.

Kristina Ackerman

Kristina Ackerman is a busy freelance web designer, living and DIYing with her fella and their little fella in a cute old house in Atlanta, GA, USA.