Munch Madness 2014

Munch Madness 2014 Call for Submissions: Your Weirdest Favorite Food

Munch Madness 2014Submissions are now closed! Check out the sidebar to see where in the competition we are currently.[divider]

Is there a food combo you swear by that others find super weird? Maybe you like pickles on your peanut butter sandwiches, or blue cheese with your gingersnaps. And maybe you’ve had just about enough of being treated like a culinary pariah, because if they’d all just try it with an open mind, they’d love your brilliant concoction just as much as you do. Are we right?

In early preparation for Munch Madness 2014, Knuckle Salad wants to try your weirdest favorite combinations. For science! We’ll team up with readers and experts to determine which are the best of the best of the weirdest combos, pitting them against one another until the very awesomest undiscovered gastro-treasures are revealed. It’s a chance for your oft-derided favorite to ascend to the level of respect it deserves! Perhaps it will be the next French fries dipped in milkshakes, or chips on a sandwich. And you will be the one who contributed it to the world.

Submit as many combinations as you wish, one at a time, using the form below. We’d also like you to let us know who you are and how to reach you, because there may be some kind of prize and/or prize drawing involved for the submitter of the winning combo (TBD), and we’d need to know how to reach you. Plus, if we have occasion to mention your submission, we would like to give you credit. The details of the game structure and the prizes will come later, when it gets closer to game time. Of course, prizes and credit make a nice bonus, but we know you’re really doing it for science and justice.
[divider] Submissions closed for 2014. Thanks for contributing! [divider] Someday, like a pizza crust dipped in ranch dressing, the top combinations may become accepted and appreciated the way they should be—as everybody’s weirdest favorite food. Stay tuned for the announcement of this year’s Munch Madness format and prizes!

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